The Lion King 2019 is a Bad Remake

The Lion King 2019 is a Bad Remake - While the return of James Earl Jones is a nice touch, Lion King 2019 fails to hit the emotional beats of the original

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guywazeldatatt28d ago

thoroughly disappointed. there were some good pieces but ultimately it was just bad. i don't get it.

emiyaxtousaka28d ago

people cheered in my theatre but I think most of them were kids. idk. I never saw the original, I thought it was good.

lifeistranger28d ago

just mindless NPCs. pay them no mind.

annoyedgamer28d ago

Then you need to see the original..

nottfadeaway28d ago

It wasn't as good as the original but I enjoyed it.

thesoftware73028d ago

While I like the original anime better, this movie was beautiful. The animation was the best I seen right alongside Avatar and planet of the ape series.

This movie is great for a new generation of kids who never saw the original...of course for some of us older people it wasnt as impactful..we saw the slightly better version and we already knew what would happen.

ControllerBreaker27d ago

I don't get why they remake films that are 10/10. There's literally nothing better they can do, they can only make a worse film. Just re-release the original.

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