Here's How Mahershala Ali Could Look As The MCU's Blade

WGTC: “New fan art shows how star Mahershali Ali could look as the title character in Marvel's freshly-announced reboot of Blade.”

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masterfox209d ago

lol seriously? , I think his is ready for a sitcom , Wesley Snipes looks gazillion way better than that clown.

Endyo208d ago

Except Wesley Snipes was a disaster by the time he got to Blade Trinity and made production so difficult that no one wants to work with him these days. He wouldn't speak to the director at all, he would hide out in trailer skipping out on major scenes forcing his stunt double to do most shots featuring his face, and entire scenes had to be shot without other actors involved because of his erratic behavior.

I don't think it's really fair to judge his look in the role based off some crappy photoshopped fan art though...

DaMist208d ago

Honestly he looks like a young blade/snipes in Alita battle angel, is the first thing I thought when I saw him there

Inzo208d ago

That looks like crap!
Snipes is Blade.

Hroach616208d ago

People realize this is a fan edit right? Not official pics or even official concept art. From the sounds of it this is still 3-5 years away in phase 5. I think he’s a great choice for a new Blade. Excited to actually see what him and marvel put together for Blade.