Sony’s Comic Book Movie Universe Is Back to Former Glory

After suffering a slump, Sony's comic book movies are back to winning ways.

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bobtheimpaler58d ago

Eh... The best one recently was into the spider-verse. MCU films and a lot of comic book movies these days are forgettable fan service wank made to sell toys...

SamPao57d ago

eh... first its an opinion and second its about the success (no opinion there just mere fracts). and clearly these movies have had a lot of success.

DillyDilly57d ago

Sony can't take credit for the Spider-Man movies FYI

TheOtherMoon57d ago

Marvel and the MCU saved Sony’s dying Spider-Man Franchise.

There, fixed the headline

GGEZ57d ago

Marvel Studios did this one tho. Sony Just allowed them to use the IP and nothing else. Venom on the other hand was complete trash but that one was actually made by a Sony studio.

X-Alchemist57d ago

The new film was such a cringe fest, full of cartoony characters and a boring story that felt very safe. Similar to how overrated and overhyped blank panther was, is a shame that this is what people are buying these days. The only good scene was when mysterio was using his illusions, ah well.