Bond 25 Will Reportedly Introduce A Female 007

The upcoming Bond 25 will reportedly introduce audiences to a female 007 when it hits theaters next year, and she'll be played by Lashana Lynch.

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ReVibe36d ago

So is she gonna be a card-carrying lesbian? Or are Bond girls a bygone product of toxic masculinity?

annoyedgamer36d ago

Racist incels gonna riot again. Bo hoo another one of their toxic males is finally being put into the dustbin of history where he belongs.

Inzo36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Damn you have a serious case of penis envy. I tell you what, lets see which movie bombs harder, Dark Phoenix or Bond 25. We brought Star Wars to its knees, I can assure Bond fans will do the same. This move will kill the franchise.

Deadpoolio35d ago

LMFAO....Star Wars was not brought to its knees.....Rogue One did well, people hated The Last Jedi which did NOT really under perform because characters were written so out of character...The only movie that even halfway under performed was Solo and that had more to do with NOBODY wanting a Solo film.... You morons didn't do jack, Star Wars was meant to be "special" not a series that pumps out 2-4 films a year and THAT is what Disney learned

Inzo35d ago

Solo slightly underperformed??? LOL! Damn you are misinformed. Solo lost over $80 million and that was a direct result of fan backlash to TLJ which was predicted to come close to $2 billion but did just over a billion, $800 million less than predicted. Disney's Star Wars experience is a ghost town and episode 9 is set to do worse than Solo. Please dont comment on things you know nothing about sunshine.

Angyobangyo35d ago (Edited 35d ago )


Relax, female bond is only there so that male bond can bone her.


Remember when Star Wars movies were released and people went crazy for all the merch as well? Now I walk into any toyshop or toy section and see all the same merch sitting because fans don't care about Disney Star Wars. Why is that?

Make the excuse nobody wanted a Solo film, one of the most iconic characters in the SW. When the idea was pitched and info leaked there was a massive buzz around it. Then the last Jedi happened with Rian Johnson basically attacking anyone who didn't like his movie. Yes, there are overzealous fans who do and write stupid nonsense to whoever works on the film and screw those kind people. They exist in all fanbases regardless of SW. Yet I didn't really like the Last Jedi, didn't vent any issues to him or the cast online via twitter but I am somehow a misogynist that hates female lead characters.

You say Star Wars is meant to be special and Disney learnt, that's quite funny because it was special and Disney tried making it an annual thing but was met with backlash because they can't hire someone to write a half-decent story with all that money they have with a bland new cast. I wonder what another original SW character from the Lucas era they will shoehorn in to get more bums on seats? At this point, Jar Jar has more depth and character than Rose, Kylo and Rey put together.

Meanwhile, Disney Marvel can release multiple superhero movies in a single year all connected to one other, make money and still keep a majority of comic book fans happy and casuals alike. Disney simply hired incompetent and the wrong people to head SW. It will still make money, but it is far from what it was and can be.

SolidGamerX35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Don't forget that stinkfest Captain Marvel movie or that all female Ghostbusters dumpster fire, woman are ruining everything right now.

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2pacalypsenow36d ago

You have too much soy in your diet.

artsaber35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

It is said that Idris Elba was approached to play the next Bond, but turned it down because of the backlash that racism brings. It is unfortunate, because Heimdall could've been great at being Bond. Instead we have the bit part woman who was in Captain Marvel. If Bond is dead it is because of the 1 two punch of racists and overcorrecting feminists. Who will she be, Jasmine Bond? I don't want to see a female Bond anymore than I want to see a man as the Little Mermaid.

annoyedgamer35d ago

"Jasmine Bond"?

Yikes, your sexism is showing. A woman is just as capable of being JAMES bond as any man, even more so Sweety.

2pacalypsenow34d ago

"A woman is just as capable of being JAMES bond as any man, even more so Sweety."

No they're not, James bond has always and always should be a Male.

Why not just create a spin off instead of try to change established characters?

gamingunited35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Haha you got called an incel so many times you decided to say it first... cute.

And whats funnier is that all the other people who get called incel so often actually didn't understand what you were doing and down voted you haha.

Never don't be crazy!

rainslacker35d ago

The Craig movies took away a lot of the male bravado and misogynist attitudes of prior bonds, and women were made less like objects, and overall, it was fine. But, making bond a woman is just pandering. There is no need for it, and yeah, people tend to get upset when you change icons for no reason other than political posturing.

Why not make a new franchise with a female spy? Can a woman not carry a spy flick on her own, or do they have to piggyback a female character off a popular franchise so people will even care about it?

If people don't want a female bond, it probably has less to do with sexist or misogynist attitudes, but more a lack of respect to the content creators who do these things with complete disregard to the history of the character. Bond has played fast and loose with a lot of that over the years, but some things still stayed the same. There could be a good bond without him being a raving womanizer. That's fair. But, a female bond and if they make a point of it being a female now and haters should shove it with political messaging being shoved down peoples throats, and the fans will just be annoyed, because they're the one's that will be told that they don't matter anymore.

SolidGamerX35d ago

Says the toxic feminist sociopath.

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Inzo36d ago

Hollywood is dying and the only way these people can see it being saved is to hi-jack existing characters. They see Captain Marvel as the yard stick while failing to realise that its success was only because male feminists bankrupt themselves to make it seem like everyone enjoyed it.

rdgneoz335d ago

"because male feminists bankrupt themselves to make it seem like everyone enjoyed it"

No, it's because it had the Marvel name attached to it and was a backstory for who was to help defeat Thanos after everyone getting beat in Infinity Wars.

Deadpoolio35d ago

LMFAO yep totally dying, thats why Avengers 2.5billion, Far From Home will probably make close to if not over a billion for Sony...Sorry just because a handful of manbabies in their mom's basements working dead end minimum wage jobs crap their diapers every time something is not duuuurrrr forz da menz or durrrr involvz moorez den da whitez menz. Or the most hilarious one huurrr Ariel isn't hurrrr black...Sorry Captain Marvel succeeded because it was a decent film no matter how much morons want to believe it had anything to do with hurrrr durrrr dez soi boiz seeing it multiple times....

Inzo35d ago

You do realise that the industry is down 6-7% year on year right? That means even with End Game and Spiderman the industry still lost over $1.2billion year on year with predictions pointing to things only getting worse. Do your research son

Captain Marvel is a decent film? Lol!
So I guess reports of beta males watching the movie over 100 times with one soy boy setting a world of 146 viewings and the fact that it was between IW and End Game had nothing to do with its success right? Sorry Captain Marvel is trash. Have you ever wondered why there is so much talk of Captain Marvel being in several Marvel movies yet no mention of a sequel yet? Just saying.

rainslacker35d ago

Captain marvel was a incoherent mess. Bad acting and a stupid story....even for a comic book movie. Bad guys no one cares about. A main character who has been pretty much absent from comic book fans minds for God knows how long.

I wouldn't call it a terrible movie, but it wasn't a great comic book movie like some said, and the actress playing captain marvel wasn't very good. Nothing wrong with her being a woman....I mean, the character was a woman, so I wouldn't want them to change it. Just that others decided to make anyone who had a negative opinion of the movie into people who were sexist, even though those same people would say that some of the other Marvel movies sucked too. We don't see people praising Ghost Rider, Green Lantern, Batman vs. Superman, or that one Iron Man movie when they are only decent or bad. But, put an incendiary political slant on it, and Captain Marvel gets praise where it isn't deserved. It's just like what happened with Tomb Raider when Lara was suddenly a strong character because she overcame an assault.

Captain Marvel did well because it introduced a character into the marvel universe. Same reason Black Panther did well, and it was worse than Captain Marvel. Black Panther actually did better over it's theater run.

Wulfer35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

24 films with a male lead role has a following. To just think Bond can change to Ms. Bond isn't really smart thinking. Look this didn't work for Ghostbusters this won't work for Bond. Look want to make a movie in a Bond universe and add her as another agent fine but, as a replacement I think not.

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