Avengers Endgame Is on The Edge of Surpassing Avatar's Record

Avengers Endgame and Avatar have been in a furious fight to claim box office supremacy after the smashing success of Endgame just fell short of Avatar’s record.

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ninsigma34d ago

Does it really count though if they had to re-release it to do so?? Don't get me wrong, I'd like to see avatar removed from top spot, thought it was pretty bad but re-releasing a movie to do so??

2pacalypsenow34d ago

Avatar re released in theaters, but after only on Imax 3d cinemas.

And avengers is just a generic and Avatar, the only entertaining part was the final battle.

ninsigma34d ago

"Avatar re released in theaters"
Ah fair enough, wasn't aware of that.

"And avengers is just a generic and Avatar"
I much preferred Avengers. Much more entertaining for me. Don't have much good to say about Avatar TBH.