Why do fans love Alita: Battle Angel?

The Independent claimed the only people who enjoy Alita: Battle Angel are internet trolls. That's absolute nonsense. Here's why fans really love the movie.

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cell989390d ago

Because it was such a good movie!! I really hope we get a sequel

Gaming4Life1981389d ago

Exactly it was very good and after I saw it, I spent all night trying to find out if it was going to be a sequel.

annoyedgamer390d ago

Yikes. Not a fan of that image at all. Catering to the male gaze much?

Godmars290390d ago

Its primary goal is an attempt to tell a story rather than preach a message?

WelkinCole390d ago

Alita is the only movie when I felt like the characters are real and not CGI. The fighting scenes were on another level because they seem so real and not blurred out CGI we have seen countless times.

Flewid638389d ago

One of my favorite movies but there were CGI parts that looked terrible.....most notably Grewishka.

Gaming4Life1981389d ago

I think the part when grewishka first walked into the hunters bar was his worst looking moment.

level 360390d ago

Should be people with agendas hate Alita.
But true fans Love it.

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