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THE SITH RELIC – Star Wars Fan Film

SWTORStrategies: "This short film from Scruffy Looking Workshop was posted in Jan of this year and is just under 15 minutes long. It has a solid story, nice costuming and decent acting. It’s not just your typical lightsaber duel (not that there’s anything wrong with lightsabers, but we like to see something different). And if different is what you want, then you’re definitely going to get it with this one. There are some… uh… interesting little pieces in this one that you won’t see in other fan films."

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zodiac909103d ago

Insane to think that star wars fans are making better films than Disney, which has billions of dollars and can't even make a proper trilogy..

spicelicka103d ago

Lol calm yourself, Disney's films are bad but these fan films are cringe.