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Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Anime Expo Time Revealed - Anime Expo has revealed that the first 10 minutes of 3.0+10 will be after a screening of 3.33.

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emiyaxtousaka16d ago

I wish I was going to this! 10 minutes! 2020 cannot come soon enough!!!!

guywazeldatatt16d ago

I'll be there as press so I'll make sure to go watch it. It's after hours at the JW so maybe get a drink and then go.

lifeistranger16d ago

Hopefully it will be screened elsewhere. or like streamed.

guywazeldatatt16d ago

it's a possibility but who knows at this point.

emiyaxtousaka16d ago

It should be. They usually put the stuff out there later.