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Buffy Reboot: 6 great cast options for the new slayer

A new Buffy series is in production so, naturally, casting agents are desperately trying to find an actress fit to take over as everyone's favourite slayer.

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KillerCucumber404d ago

Really hope we don't get an LGBTQ POC Buffy for the sake of diversity

rdgneoz3403d ago

*Runs into a bad guy* "Who are you?" "Xe name is Buffy" ...

King Nezz403d ago

On no! People of color! Run!

I couldn't care less who they had as actors. It could be a one-legged man named Duffy Rummers. As long as it is good, I would watch. Maybe. Idiots like you draw attention on the subject. If the actors are too brown, black, yellow, too butch or too "gay" or whatever, don't watch.

Inzo403d ago

He draws attention to it because that is the narrative that Hollywood is operating on these days. Batwoman: DOA, Supergirl: On its way out, Arrow: On its way out, Dr Who: Begging for viewers, Charlie's Angels DOA, Ghost Busters 2016: Lets not mention that again....ever. The list goes on. If Hollywood keeps pushing an agenda I'll keep changing the channel.

King Nezz402d ago

Yeah, I see. And what gets done? Nothing. He comes off as someone hurt and bothered because of what is happening with diversifying Hollywood and TV in general. I will admit that sometimes it's too much. But it's something that includes everyone (Ghost in the Shell). Talk with your money and your time. Don't watch these programs. Tell your friends and family to avoid it too. The directors and producers will get the hint over time.

403d ago
dangerousbrian0403d ago

Or better yet remaster the original TV series properly instead of rebooting it or it is a shame they dont continue the original series with the original cast as cameos but have it where it is their children teaming up to fight the evil in the world some how Buffys Daughter or Son has inheritaed the powers from Buffy I know it does not work like that but it can change it is super natural after all & with the super natural it does what it wants & get joss whedon to start it off I am just throwing out some other Ideas instead of reboot,reboot,reboot.