Neon Genesis Evangelion Isn't For Normies

Neon Genesis Evangelion is Not For Normies - Neon Genesis Evangelion has been put on Netflix, but the iconic series isn't for generic anime fans.

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guywazeldatatt115d ago

We've already had normie takes on Kaworu and Shinji. I can't wait for them to say it's a gateway to the alt-right. You know Polygon will come up with some crap like that.

emiyaxtousaka115d ago

Eva is the greatest series of all time. Netflix butchered it. Normies aren't getting the full thing. I've seen several normies be like "omg it's so good" then see the ending and completely shit on it and hate it. It will be entertaining to watch.

guywazeldatatt115d ago

yupppppp I predicted that. It will be interesting to say the least. I want to see what the mainstream outlets say (already making it about sexuality) and the tumblr group has to say, which will be so funny. and I guarantee it will be called right-wing propoganda.

nottfadeaway115d ago

normies? really? so condescending. not everyone was alive in '95 ya'know

guywazeldatatt115d ago

tough luck. it was meant for a different generation. today anime is mindless. that's why anno did and is doing the rebuilds. these people are watching crap. and they're not watching true eva anyway on netflix.

anakinskywalker67115d ago

all the normies watching this on netflix are kinda ruining the mistique of it for me. my favorite series of all time. makes me sad. because they fundamentally do not understand it.

guywazeldatatt115d ago

they do not get it. they are too obsessed with shinji being bi (he's not) or kaworu being gay (he's a transcendent being, he loves shinji, we don't know if it's romantic or not). they are ruining it for us, honestly.

PlayStationBrah115d ago

It definitely is not for everyone, that's for sure.