Michael B. Jordan isn't replacing Keanu Reeves in Matrix 4

Michael B. Jordan is not replacing Keanu Reeves in The Matrix 4. Leaks from 2017 reveal that he was cast as a young Morpheus and the new film is a prequel

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SodoBot617d ago

Yeah.. MBJ was linked to the project ages ago.

617d ago
2pacalypsenow617d ago

Nobody can replace Keanu Reeves

rockwhynot617d ago

Ooo cool a new film from the Wachowski sisters. I loved the matrix trilogy and the animatrix was good too!

mixelon617d ago

I freaking loved some of the animatrix, it was a bit hit and miss but the good bits were greaaaat.

The cg parts probably look a bit wonky now?

blackblades617d ago

Still remember reading will Smith had the role of The one but turned it down for the wild wild west. Bet he regret that decision.

KingPin616d ago

actually he turned it down because he had no clue what it was about when they pitched him the idea.

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