Netflix Ruined Neon Genesis Evangelion

Netflix Ruined Neon Genesis Evangelion - Netflix has adapted the iconic anime series and films on their streaming platform and have destroyed them in the process.

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guywazeldatatt23d ago

I'm still shocked at how bad this is. The subs suck, the dub sucks, no fly me to the "i'm so fucked up" in end of evangelion (the film)...sorry but "lowest of the low" doesn't work in english regardless if it's a "literal" translation. I'll never get netflix again.

guywazeldatatt22d ago

I'll watch it on my external. These subs are so bad (I know a good amount of Japanese)

nottfadeaway23d ago

I tried watching the dub, couldn't get through the first two episodes, but no fly me to the moon is criminal.

rutgersfan2823d ago

was kaworu really straight washed? how was the film translation, granted it was a bit heavier than the series?

guywazeldatatt22d ago

didn't watch the film, but yeah one line was literally "in other words, I love you" and was translated as "It means i like you." lmfao I couldn't make this stuff up.

Tiqila23d ago

Can't be worse than the 3-movie-series I've been watching the other day.

BlahBlahWhatever23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

I wonder did he expect anything better from them...

Those guys even ruin House of Cards which was their best & most high rated show that millions of people watched, ruining anime is nothing for them, they do it for fun.

guywazeldatatt22d ago

Loved the first two seasons, series went downhill after that. Netflix ruins everything they touch

spicelicka22d ago

I think you're generalizing a bit. it's not just one person in charge of everything.

Castlevania was actually brilliant, not an anime per se, but my favourite animated series last year.

guywazeldatatt22d ago

in terms of anime their localization is horrible. Castlevania I believe was developed in the US.

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