Americans Prefer George Clooney’s Batman Over Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight

According to a recent poll, US audiences prefer George Clooney's Batman over Ben Affleck's.

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JokerBoy42265d ago

As an American who has spoken with loads of people on this same issue, I can assure all readers that this is fake news.

Bleucrunch65d ago

This has to be satire, no way those Americans thought that...

Inzo65d ago

Well then this proves that Americans are idiots.

Bleucrunch65d ago

yeeeeeeeeeeea if this is true than those Americans who thought that are not too bright. George Clooney is recognized as the WORST of the batmans and it is not even close. Now Christian Bale is certainly not the best but no where near Clooney's horrible performance as batman...Is this satire or something?

nucky6465d ago

this is a joke - i'm an american and i can say, without question, clooney SUCKED as batman.

jeromeface65d ago

Affleck was horrible. That is all.

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