Men In Black: International Proves Audiences Are Smarter Than Studios

Men in Black: International is a box office bomb. Does it finally prove that audiences are smarter than studios think?

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Retroman418d ago

This movie was Garbage from the beginning to the end .
it would of been salvageable if Will Smith and Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones reprised their roles.
this movie was DOA ( dead on arrival)

AussieAnon418d ago

I think people are getting sick of the 'liberal' push in movies. I'm glad it bombed, especially when the 'actress' says her crazy 'muh racism, muh sexism' crap.

Inzo418d ago

Absolutely, its like Captain Marvel the only reason it did so well was because it was riding the coattails of Infinity war and End Game.

Newmanator418d ago

Plus the marketing campaign was in$ane

418d ago
FlyingFoxy418d ago

Shawshank Redemption bombed at the cinema too, doesn't mean much at first glance.

As for this, i can see why it bombed.. Likely not going to pull in a new audience since they changed all the actors, sounds like the same mistake they made with Ghostbusters so people just lost interest.

Inzo418d ago

Get Woke Go Broke. And of course its all the straight males fault.