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We’re beginning to wrap up the past decade, and to celebrate that, I have decided to make lists of the best films of the decade by genre. These ten genres will ticked-off the list one at a time, and we’ll see one article a month between now and December, each month celebrating the best films of the genre this decade. I do realize we have all the films of this year left, and so I’ve tried to plan these lists …

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TheProfessional423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

I'm sorry but Fury Road is trash; Tom Hardy was a terrible Max with no charisma, too much time was spent with Theron, the models playing the daughters were awful and the "script" was a joke. Not to mention the pandering feminist garbage and the religious fanatic "warboy" who suddenly turns into a good guy. The only thing memorable about it were the explosions and practical effects. That's it. In a post apocalyptic world with limited resources they have a man on a giant truck rigged with speakers playing a guitar that shoots flames. That's how dumb it was. Road Warrior and even Thunderdome are better in every possible way. Zero likeable characters, zero character development, no good dialogue. Even the way they changed Max's past and gave him flashbacks of some random little girl was stupid.

Biunpe05423d ago

Oh dear God, what are you smoking? If you think MM:FR is "trash" then you gotta be Obama dumb

Eiffel423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

It was honestly probably one of the least feminist movies I've watched. The Vuvalini were generally useless, and they failed as a women-only collective to preserve the 'Green Place', meanwhile the men running the Citadel have established a class hierarchy around a sustaining greenhouse within a reservoir operated and maintained by religious zealot followers loyal to selflessly act by the will of Immortan Joe, while having trade operations with other factions such as Gas Town and the Bullet Farm, as well as developing even alternative means to water such as breast milk for trade. At the end it's even implied that with the events following the movie, Furiosa along with the Vuvalini will live on borrowed time until the Citadel eventually collapses under their leadership. We see this with the pumps being released, where instead of preserving this resource they simply let it flow out of blind empathy, how much can there really be of it? They've also squandered relations with the Bullet Farm and Gas Town so where will they get the gas and bullets to defend it?

I don't see Max leaving at the end because he thought he did the right thing, like in every movie he absolves to think only for himself, where every selfless act effects those around him, even getting them killed just to remind himself of his own humanity and to feel human, which in this case is him getting out of dodge before the inevitable cause of his selflessness dooms those he sought to help. The ending is not a happy one long term.

Biunpe05423d ago

Yeah Mad Max was in the teens not the tens.