Why Keanu Reeves Deserves A Shot At Wolverine

It's official. Keanu-mania has taken over the world. But should Keanu Reeves be the next Wolverine?

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I'm just ready for them to figure out who's gonna play Logan/Wolverine. I was happy to finally find out who's gonna play the next batman, even if I don't understand the casting. I think it'll be good either way.

annoyedgamer4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Keanu is a male though

tekiz4d ago

That guy is crazy... best to ignore him

blacktiger4d ago

lol!!!!! I dont't know why but I'm laughing hard

big_dom_returns4d ago

Keanu as Wolverine?

Go away. Stop doing drugs.

HRoach6164d ago

Maybe a few years ago(redundant). But he’s too old now. They are gonna go with someone they can have around for a LONG time and MANY movies. I’m betting they will go with someone in their early 30’s.

tekiz4d ago

Woah claws like totally came out of my hands!

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