Sony Reportedly Wants Venom In The MCU, But Marvel Really Doesn't

WGTC: “New supposed insider info says Sony wants Venom to join the MCU in the future but Marvel has no interest in using the character.”

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Hroach616353d ago

Nobody wants Sony to have anything to do with the MCU. There’s a reason they made the deal with Marvel for Spider-Man. If they wanna make money and make things that actually review well with critics and the public. They should extend the contract with marvel and just give them everything Spider-Man related.
But I’m curious with a break in avengers if Spider-Man will have the same value to share for marvel since they don’t get to use him as often in their movies. They don’t get profits from the solo films. So they would just be doing the work making them with Sony’s financing and not receiving much in the way of profit besides licensing fees.
Very curious about to MCU future.

Deadpoolio353d ago

Hate to break it to you but there were quite alot of people who liked Venom, even though it wasn't perfect want to see where they take it with a sequel and wouldn't have a problem with Tom Hardy's Venom in the MCU....Its only the Marvel cucks and fantards who love watching these corporate cookie cutter paint by number movies that are butt hurt about it......I liked the MCU films until I really started noticing it was the same thing for every film over and over again like they were being made in a copy paste factory...I hope Sony doesn't renew the deal, and takes Spider-man back and tries to do something with it themselves so that SOMEONE other than Disney is making comic films so they can atleast feel different.....The MCU is only going to get worse now that Disney+ is going to be pumping out shows, and the 20 new MCU films that are going to get copy pasted from the corporate, safe, Disney, cookie cutter formula now that they have X-men and FF and whatever they're going to do with everything those have attached to them....

Chevalier353d ago

Disney owns Spidermans merchandising rights. That alone would make it worthwhile for Marvel. Each movie brings in billions in merchandise sales.

Antifan353d ago

Figured as much. Marvel now wants an ALL INCLUSIVE diversity, LGBTQ cast of characters and Eddie Brock doesn't fit the bill.

Biunpe05353d ago

I am so fucking sick of all this LGBTQ bullshit, unless its
Tits then
Quit forcing this shit on us

Biunpe05353d ago

Yes they do, Disney/Marvel wants all their characters in the MCU