DC Cancels Swamp Thing After Just One Season

WGTC: “Even though only one episode has officially aired on the streaming service, DC Universe has pulled the plug on Swamp Thing.”

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Hroach616707d ago

Reviews were pretty positive. Might have helped if they actually advertised and had a better release plan. I’m in Canada and there’s literally no way to watch the show here. They don’t have any streaming partners like they do with Titans(Netflix) or doom patrol and krypton(Crave). The DC Universe app isn’t available here yet. I want to check it out but I can’t without torrenting it or something and as I work in the industry that’s not my preferred method to watching shows.
If this is canceled it failed because DC/WB set it up to fail.

Software_Lover707d ago

I liked the pilot episode. It's weird how some shows that show potential get canceled but others go on for years.