Joaquin's Joker to be Revealed as Next Batman Villain

Are Warner Brothers about to announce Joaquin Phoenix's Joker as the second villain in The Batman (2021) reboot? You can bet your butt on it. Here's why.

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FiLTHY ESKiMO36d ago

The pieces are fitting... this could be it, people!

PhantomS4235d ago

The Joker movie is looking good so far but do we really want a potentially good Joker facing up against Sparkles the emo vampire? The hell is WB smoking.

steven83r35d ago

You're basing your entire argument on Twilight? I bet you eat your words. Just like all the jackasses who talked crap about Ben being Batman because remember Gigli? Turned out he was amazing even though never given his own movie. Heath was a brokeback mountain, 10 things i hate about you loser. How did he do? Wait for a trailer before passing judgment. Remember the best actor can fail with crap writers and directors...Daredevil.

Vasto35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Robert is going to be an amazing Batman. Twilight movies were good and he played good in them. I dont know why people like you all make these comments.

mezati9935d ago (Edited 35d ago )

and the cycle continues

DC casts christian bale >>>>>> OMFG WORST CASTING EVEEEEEEEE >>>>> people proven wrong

DC casts heath ledger >>>>>> OMFG WORST CATING EVEEEEEEEE >>>>> people proven wrong

DC casts ben affleck >>>>>>> OFMG WORST CASTING EVEEEEEEEE >>>> people proven wrong

look you dumb bitches, why don't you just shut the fuck up and wait before you judge? jesus fucking christ

3-4-535d ago

People thought the same thing about Heath Ledger before The Dark Knight............I think Pattenson or whatever his name is will be better than people long as they don't go the same route that Suicide squad did.

Jared Leto sucks as the's like a highschool student play actor or something emo cringey....

I think the new Batman movie has potential and this new Joker movie with Phoenix has potential to be a cult classic if they do it right.

HRoach61635d ago

Not siding one way or the other but we still don’t even have confirmation that he’s Gwen hired as Batman. Did I miss a double confirmed at some point?

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spicelicka35d ago

Man I really hope DC takes embraces the more mature and darker nature of its universe like the shows. Titans and Doom patrol are so refreshing.

SenorFartCushion35d ago

No he isn't. This is ridiculous news. Serial sequel-hater Phoenix signs on to play Batman's most popular and most frequently occurring villain? 0% chance.

It's a Scorsese knock-off (not counting Lean et Al) - he's good, then he's bad, then he dies.

ZombieGamerMan36d ago

I call bullshit on this, won't happen

LittleBigHalo36d ago

Why so certain. Young Bruce Wayne is in this... and his parents get murdered. Seems to me like a perfect set-up for a Batman origin story. I believe the rewrite is so they can include the new Batman movie in the DC dark universe... And then the rest of the heroes in the justice league one.

steven83r35d ago

How is this going to actually work? Joker is supposed to be the same age as Batman. By the time 8 year old Bruce becomes Batman Joaquin's Joker will be geriatric. I don't see this working. And super fans have told me this Joker isn't part of Batman universe, and yet there is little Bruce.

darren_poolies35d ago


This Joker movie is like an elseworld story, completely disconnected and not in the continuity of the DCEU.

SenorFartCushion35d ago

Bruce Wayne's dad is the villain of this film, as is Robert De Niro's character

Nodoze35d ago

DC Films are heading downhill fast. Ridiculously bad casting decisions. Look at Marvel - DO WHAT THEY ARE DOING. Stop freaking rebooting things every two years. Get the right actors. Get the right directors.

steven83r35d ago

You don't know what you are talking about. Stop comparing Marvel which 90% of its movies were first showings and had nothing to criticize and compare it to. It's way harder to do DC because a Joker/Batman/Superman movie can't be made without comparing it to the best ones from the 80s or 2000's. Aquaman/Wonder Woman/Shazam! all worked for that reason. Daredevil and Green Lantern would do amazing because all they have to do is be better than the failures released prior. Also DC fans are far harder to please and making DC movies means making them dark and not always kid friendly.

cell98935d ago

Kinda disappointed, I mean The Joker again? It’s like that’s the only character DC puts its chips on. This will be the 4th joker. I wish they would have waited a bit longer. Let it build some steam.

DillyDilly35d ago

How old is Joker gonna be LMAO