The Game of Thrones Finale Is Already IMDb's Worst Ever Thrones Episode

The Game of Thrones Finale, 'The Iron Throne', has already overtaken 'The Last of the Starks' as IMDb's worst ever Thrones episode.

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Aldous_Snow281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

The entire season was a dud. Load of shit. King Bran the Broken. So stupid

Waited 8 years for this and they fucked it. Season 8 should have been 10 episodes about the build up and eventual war with the Night King. Then Season 9 be about the build up and eventual war at Kings Landing. Instead they squeezed it all into 6 shit episodes glossing over important scenes and completely missing parts out, destroying the pace of the entire series.

Going to go overdose on a vial of Milk of the Poppy to calm my headache

spicelicka280d ago

And they said they always knew it had to be 6 episodes. No one asked you to make it 6 episodes, just because you have Star wars to work on doesn't mean you have to force this shitty rushed ending to the greatest show of all time. If you can't handle it hire some consultants, I've seen youtube videos with better plot correction ffs.