Avengers: Endgame Fan Edit Removes Brie Larson From The Film

WGTC: “A fan-edit of Avengers: Endgame is floating around online with heavy redactions from the three hour epic, including the complete removal of Captain Marvel.”

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Inzo25d ago

And it is brilliant. The only problem I have is that it doesnt show where Thanos punches the snot out of Captain Marvel.

DrShoe25d ago

So a lactose-free version? I can get behind it.

PhantomS4225d ago

"Idiot incel does idiot incel thing" should be the real title.

PhantomS4224d ago

That sexist children are afraid women as strong heroes or in lead roles? Nah, they are just fun to make fun of.

level 36025d ago

It's a sinister attempt at pushing his/her own agenda.

CSheldon8825d ago

Someone hasn't reached puberty yet.

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