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Why Robert Pattinson Could Be a Great Batman

If the casting rumors are true, Robert Pattinson will be our next Batman/Bruce Wayne. In typical internet fashion, fanboys are losing their minds. But before they go too far off the deep end again (like they did with Batfleck), here is why we should pump the bat-brakes and reserve judgment.

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Hroach616928d ago

He very well may be a good Batman. I’ve seen him in other things besides twilight that I thought he was good in. I got nothing against him. But I think we need a lesser known actor. Not a completely unknown actor getting his first real role. But someone like Henry Cavill when he was cast as Superman. You recognize him and ur like “hey that’s that guy from that movie”. I liked Ben Afflecks performance in BvS but it was always hard to look past him and see Bruce Wayne/Batman imo. I think the same thing with Pattinson. He can act and maybe he would be great. But I just have a hard time seeing past him to see the character. If he’s cast and I’m wrong awesome. I want good Batman movies. But if I’m right and this movie fails to deliver then we’re left with ANOTHER possible reboot because it’s f*****g Batman and their going to try and make another more successful one.