Deadpool Inspired the Mortal Kombat Movie Reboot | Sausage Roll

Almost exactly 10 years to this day Warner Brothers acquired Midway, and with it the Mortal Kombat license -- but they didn't exactly have big plans for the film franchise until recently... thanks to Deadpool!

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spicelicka152d ago

Dude we need Ryan Reynolds as Jhonny Cage!

HRoach616152d ago

That would work pretty well lol

flaming_scorpion152d ago

Definitely agree but I feel like people would start to get sikc of seeing Ryan Reynolds everywhere. He’s already both Deadpool and Pikachu, anything else would be overkill at this point

AnubisG152d ago


In deadpool, it's hard to recognize him as his face is so messed up.

In Pikachu, you can only hear his voice.

So, I have to disagree with you there.