Game of Thrones: In Defense of Daenerys’ Final Arc

Last night on Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen released the bulk of her rage on the people of King’s Landing – and while it’s certainly been a long time coming, the response to the final arc of the Dragon Queen has been divisive, to say the least.

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Lord_Sloth379d ago

In defense of it she's always been cruel. I've been waiting for this plot twist for a few seasons now.

Orionsangel379d ago

She had never killed innocent women and children. This turn was random and disturbing.

TheOpenWorlder379d ago

I don't know why so many people are upset by it and saying it's "out of character." So is murder, but tons of people do it anyways. No one is murderous by birth. It's new and it can happen to those who show no tendencies of it.

I think people are just upset by the fact that she was so just and fair in every season, but the reality is - she's been "just and fair" for simply material gain: ruling the Iron Throne at all costs. Even by her own admission, it's all she could see.

So why is it surprising she went ape-shit at Kings Landing that cause her so much pain and hardship and to top it - killed 1 of her dragons? She viewed even the people in it to be supportive of Cersei, not innocent hostages like Tyrion claims.

TheOpenWorlder379d ago

Agree with this. She was only playing at being a just ruler for the throne. Nothing more. And the constant "I am YOUR QHEEEENN" lines showed where her head was always.

alb1899379d ago

She just showed what she is.

TheOpenWorlder379d ago

She always did if you looked closely. Little ways but yeah.

Aldous_Snow379d ago

All those new mums now upset because they named their kids Khaleesi or Deanerys HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA