The DCEU gets a Hard Reset with Joker and The Batman

Warner Brothers pulls the plug on the DC Extended Universe. Joker and The Batman to pave the road for the franchise.

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annoyedgamer939d ago

More human than ever lol. Nolan's Dark Knight says hi.

Deadpoolio939d ago

and Nolan's "Batman" films were god awful generic trash that barely resembled Batman...You could literally stick any generic "action" character and not even notice since Nolan took out everything that makes Batman, who he is.....Aside from that garbage trash Joker ruining Joker in the comics for years following since they needed to turn him into an emo edgelord in the comics too....

King Nezz939d ago

Thank you, thank you thank you. Nolan's Batman movies were glorified action movies. As sad as this is to say, the only reason Joker has this popularity is because Heath Ledger died. Movies are incredibly overrated.


Not sure I agree with that. Bruce Wayne/Batman did a lot of investigating in Batman Begins. I thought Heath Ledger was amazing in Dark Knight, completely ignoring the fact that Ledger died, it was an amazing performance when you compare him to all the others that have played Joker, outside of Jack Nicholson obviously. And Dark Knight Rises was more psychological than action in my opinion. But to each their own.

darren_poolies939d ago (Edited 939d ago )

Sorry but am I missing something here? The Joker is an elseworld movie and not set in the DCEU, yes. But the writer of this article said that Matt Reeves' Batman movie is set in the same universe as the Joker movie which is just completely fabricated.

We know next to nothing about the Batman movie and as far as we do know, it is set in the DCEU but is just following a much younger Batman, hence no Affleck. Where have they got this info that it's set after the Joker movie?