Emilia Clarke Key Costume for Game of Thrones, Lends Credence to Leaks

Emilia Clarke Confirms Key Costume for Game of Thrones - During a panel at Comicpalooza, Emilia Clarke confirmed a costume that may confirm season 8 leaks.

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guywazeldatatt13d ago

It doesn't confirm my episode description for episode 5, but, no one could have foreseen this. It's actually kind of overwhelming, I can't believe it. Happened this morning. Things are getting fucking crazy.

emiyaxtousaka13d ago

I can't believe she'd give up a spoiler like that...

guywazeldatatt13d ago

Yep she did at a panel in Texas.

DillyDilly12d ago

She might not care like the rest of us that are just hate watching to finish it

DillyDilly12d ago

Its gonna make people wonder why didnt have have the Dragons wear armor day one

XenosagaFan2813d ago

This doesn't mean SHIT. It's one costume. One. fucking. costume. It doesn't mean she won't go mad queen.

guywazeldatatt13d ago

never said it didn't but no one else has gotten this info out besides Sofia and it matches up with the info I have.

Aldous_Snow12d ago

A costume means nothing. Its not a spoiler

guywazeldatatt12d ago

it is if it lends credence to recent leaks.