Rumor: Game of Thrones Season 8 Spoilers Leak Entirely

Game of Thrones Season 8 Spoilers Leak - Spoilers for the last two episodes of Game of Thrones have allegedly been leaked, and fans are furious.

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guywazeldatatt52d ago

It goes against everything Frikki has said, he still maintains a certain ending for a certain character, rejects these spoilers making the rounds on r/freefolk and on Twitter (people are mass posting them in order to spoil for everyone). If you don't want to be spoiled stay off of social media because after last week's episode, so many people are so so so salty. And they will spoil you just to temper their rage.

rutgersfan2852d ago

If this is how it ends it will be the worst ending in television history. jesus christ. subversion much?

guywazeldatatt52d ago

already did this with the NK, they'll destroy the legacy of the show if they go this route. and the last episode is still in post-production. so. no one really knows how it'll end at this point, as Frikki pointed out.

emiyaxtousaka52d ago

Last week sucked, this week sounds like it sucks...this last season may very well ruin the series. :\

guywazeldatatt52d ago

gotta see how this week plays out. I didn't watch the episode. I'm more interested to see the preview. That will tell us a LOT.

Aldous_Snow51d ago

Hahahahaha hope that aint true... Ridiculous if it is

guywazeldatatt51d ago

After tonight’s seems feasible. I’m afraid.

Aldous_Snow51d ago

Yep... Cant believe how much of a disappointment this season has been. Victim of its own hype i think

guywazeldatatt51d ago

No not it’s own hype...horrible writing

Marcello51d ago

Major Spoiler Alert.....

Game of Thrones is sh!t. suck it up geeks.

guywazeldatatt51d ago

It was a once-great show. This is a shame. A travesty.

GGEZ51d ago

Season 1-4 were good but once they ran out of books and started with the original stories but with some bullets points from Martin it was all downhill.

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