Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Design To Be Changed After Backlash

Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer was released earlier this month by Paramount Pictures. It is the first live-action Sonic movie based on the popular iconic hero. As expected though, the design of Sonic the Hedgehog generated quite a controversy online and on social media.

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BuildTheWall170d ago

Carrey was a horrible pick for this movie or any other movie to be honest. He is an extreme leftist which I dislike although it isn't why I wouldn't watch a movie with Jim Carrey. Carrey has become a shitty actor & has been one for many years , don't know what happened to him but this isn't uncommon in Hollywood.

gunnerforlife170d ago

You are contradicting yourself too much there 😂 and yeah he has gone down the hill. But his political beliefs have nothing to do with it, the guy had just gone through a lot and I don't think he enjoys being the funny man anymore.

FlyingFoxy169d ago

Have some respect, I'm surprised to see sparks of his 90's self in the trailer. He's been having some problems.