5 Reasons to Get Excited for Sonic The Hedgehog: The Movie

Come on, let's give Sonic The Hedgehog a chance. If we you look closely there are some reasons to get excited. Ok, mildly intrigued? Something approaching grudging acceptance? Let's take a look.

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PhantomS42172d ago

I'm not but I appreciate that they clearly know and aren't hiding how terrible this film is going to be. Unlike Detective Pikachu where they are acting like it isn't a nightmare fuel bad fanfiction.

BioDead172d ago

The CGI Sonic looks horrible low quality, ugh

PapaBop172d ago

LOL this list was so bad it's obviously a joke one. Film is going to be straight up trash, only real saving grace will be Jim Carrey and that won't be enough to make me pay to see the movie.

mcstorm172d ago

You never know I thought baywatch was going to be trash and it was but it was so trash it was good and also funny. Seem a few films like that. I'm not in any way excited for this but I will watch it to see what it's like.

PapaBop172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

Baywatch though has a good cast that could potentially work.. so the same as this movie I guess. I can't unsee this Sonic though,however they've just announced he'll be redone so hopefully the next trailer will look better.