Toxic Star Wars Fans Lambast Mark Hamill on Social Media

Toxic Star Wars Fans Lambast Mark Hamill - Mark Hamill is being attacked by SJWs and ‘Reylo’ fans for suggesting that the OG SW characters should have had an on-screen reunion.

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guywazeldatatt953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

This is pretty disgusting, no matter how you feel about the ST.

rutgersfan28953d ago

Billy Dee, as always, comes in for the save.

rutgersfan28953d ago

I love his ‘not’ apology.

lifeistranger953d ago

basically telling these so-called fans and legacy media to "fuck off." I love it.

TheSuperiorGamer953d ago

the worst part is the Reylo fanatics. they are the WORST. a bunch of teenagers bashing mark thinking Reylo is life, the same people who doxxed Adam Driver's family and paid for his address. sickos.

guywazeldatatt953d ago

I have no words. Daisy confirmed Reylo is not a thing yet these people cling do it and bash even the slightest hint that it's not happening. also call daisy a slut because she's had a few boyfriends these past few years. these people are deranged.

Lionsguard953d ago

The Star Wars fandom has always been the most toxic. They even bullied and harassed the voice actor of Jar Jar Binks until he almost committed suicide. Why anyone would agree to be in Star Wars and have to deal with this crowd is beyond me.

guywazeldatatt952d ago

That was legacy media for the most part.

T2X952d ago

I would in a heartbeat, and wouldn't care what anyone thinks! 😁

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The story is too old to be commented.