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Fans Think Arya's Sex Scene Is Thrones' Most Empowering Consensual Interaction Ever

WGTC: “Game of Thrones fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on Arya's sex scene, saying it's the show's most empowering consensual interaction ever.”

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Veneno953d ago

Wow. Sometimes people's ability to state the obvious is so amazing /s.

PapaBop953d ago

Consensual sex is now empowering? WTF am I even reading? Is this from the same escaped loony bin people who complained about a certain rape scene which imho was one of the most tastefully handled scenes I've seen in a show?

Aldous_Snow953d ago

You refering to season one where drogo roughed her up a bit? Hardly call it rape when she wasn't sayin no or stop. The grimace on her face was just because dothraki have large peckers (im assuming)... I'll email GRRM to confirm 😗

PapaBop953d ago

No I was referring to the one in season 5. I was avoiding mentioning it directly for the sake of spoilers but it got a lot of hate. The one you was referring to I can see why people would have some issues with it but the early seasons contained a lot of offensive content for those who were easily offended.

b163o1953d ago

I honestly thought she was going to kill him, but that's mainly cause I believe the "Arya Stark is Dead" theory.

Good scene thou...

Chexs1990953d ago

And everyone with an IQ above 70 asks: "who gives a s**t?"