Glass' Negative Reviews Made M. Night Shyamalan Cry

WGTC: “M. Night Shyamalan, director of Glass, was upset to find out the reception wasn't as positive as he was anticipating, so much so that he cried over it.”

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meganick550d ago

I guess it’s time for him to make Lady in the Water 2 so he can attack his critics like in the first film.

cell989550d ago

He completely ruined David, I will
Never forgive

blacktiger550d ago

Dude suck at directing. He's only as good if there well known actors to act in his movies

Gaming4Life1981550d ago

Glass was a great movie, dont get the negative reviews.

W34KN35S550d ago (Edited 550d ago )

I think it was good movie but couldve done without the powers. That was its downfall in my opinion , if you have super powered people then you have to showcase or pay that off to the audience and all I can remember is lots of dialogue and a shoving match between two supposedly powerful superhuman beings. Take the powers out and keep the drama/dialogue and maybe even use different characters so the expectations wouldnt be so high as they were with the our original characters and this movie probably wouldve done better. but thats just me.

in the end to sum it all up , I think fans just wanted more of a payoff than what we got in this film and everything felt underwhelming.

WelkinCole550d ago

Personally I think it scuked bad