Kit Harington Says Game Of Thrones Critics Can Go F*ck Themselves

WGTC: "Kit Harington is not taking criticism of Game of Thrones lightly - telling critics of the latest season that they can go climb a rope."

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madpuppy414d ago

Never watched the show, have no interest in it...and I especially don't now. by the way who is this Kit Harring-something or other? some sort of fan? :P

Anthotis414d ago

He went full "brie larson".

bradfh414d ago

because he said he doesn't care what critics have to say about game of thrones.

ps: if he was brie larson, critics will be saying how great it was when it wasn't.

FlyingFoxy414d ago

What a moron this guy sounds, just because this series is "popular" don't mean jack, i also wouldn't expect less than an insult like this. Must have a low IQ judging by his rage.

Boohoo, not everyone is kissing your ass.

ShockUltraslash414d ago

Game of thrones is just rape and child porno for those who cant get it.

The_Sage414d ago

You know nothing, ShockUltraslash.

ShockUltraslash408d ago

I know more than all those years of Fox news and marketing brainwashing you received.

doritos414d ago

I watch it for the political intrigue and zombie army. The tits and ass is a bonus. And what child porn are you talking about?

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