“Winterfell” is a Masterpiece that Proves the Best Game of Thrones Theory

The long-awaited Game of Thrones season eight premiere was nothing short of spectacular. As far as season openers go, “Winterfell” might just be the best premiere of the entire series,

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Lord_Sloth95d ago

I wonder if his "Greatest monsters in history thought themselves to be the heroes" line is about Dany. She's a horrible person that everybody around her believes to be this amazing future ruler but she's ran 2 armies into the ground, tried to squash entire cultures she disagrees with in such drastic ways that it lead the open rebellion against her and the death of a great swordsman and ally, and is still stomping her feet in tantrums any time somebody doesn't agree with her. Dany is the true villain of the series. Night's King is just a victim of the children. Sure he's doing horrible things too but the fault isn't entirely on him.