Is Disney Plus a Must-Have Subscription Service?

In this discussion, Entertainment Editor, Dana Abercrombie breaks down the Disney Plus service that was announced last week; listing all the announced TV shows, movies and Disney classics that will be available on the service. Based on the lineup, we discuss whether we feel the service is worth it compared to other subscription services on the market.

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rbailey956d ago

Disney Plus is definitely;y shaping up to be a force to be reckoned with and I'm curious to see how other streaming services will respond to this.

Hroach616955d ago (Edited 955d ago )

Even if it’s not perfect right out the gate I’ll be signing up day one. Come on Disney own half of the shit I grew up on and a large chunk of the property’s I love today. Plus with the Fox merger. I haven’t watched simpsons in the last 10 years so there’s lots to catch up on. Plus king of the hill. Def day one for me.