Lucasfilm Admits They Made A Mistake With Solo: A Star Wars Story

WGTC: "Speaking on to Empire at Celebration in Chicago this weekend, Lucasfilm admitted they made a mistake with Solo: A Star Wars Story."

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kalkano357d ago

Not surprised at what she thinks the mistake was. Lucasfilm is willfully ignorant.

Batnut00357d ago

Yep. Star Wars generally feel like event movies. I don’t think you could do with it like What Marvel does. Take your time and don’t overload your shot.

Garethvk357d ago

The mistake was releasing it 5 months after The Last Jedi. It was also released in a crowded Summer with The Avengers. Had they waited and put it out in December it would have done significantly better.

meganick357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

You’re just regurgitating the same BS damage-control PR tripe that Lucasfilm put out shortly after Solo’s release and continues to put out now. It would have bombed no matter when it was released. Solo failed for 3 main reasons: the quality of the film was poor, no one was interested in seeing a standalone Han Solo film in the first place, and finally because that abomination The Last Jedi killed off a lot of enthusiasm for future Star Wars films. Lucasfilm will never admit this and will instead continue peddling the false excuse that it was released too soon after Episode 8.

DillyDilly357d ago

Aquaman would have destroyed Solo in December now that we now how well Aquaman did. The release date was not the problem

Orionsangel357d ago

They should have hired Anthony Ingruber who's taller, looks and sounds more like Harrison Ford and even worked with Ford in a movie. Imagine that, giving us someone who reminds us of what we know and love. Which is Harrison Ford as Han Solo. I'll take an impression of Harrison Ford as the lead in a Solo movie any day over the short unlikable, Alden Ehrenreich.

DillyDilly357d ago

The release date was not the problem

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