Star Wars Episode 9's Title is The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars Episode 9's Title is - At Celebration 2019 in Chicago Lucasfilm revealed the title of Star Wars: Episode IX to be The Rise of Skywalker.

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guywazeldatatt97d ago

Good title, Palpatine will be involved, but it's all still concerning. Pretty much confirmed through the trailer, with Luke's words, that his role is minimal.

emiyaxtousaka97d ago

Title alludes to the fact that Rey is a Skywalker. We'll have to see. anything else and I'm done with Star Wars forever.

HRoach61697d ago

Kylo is a Skywalker also by blood. Could be referring to a redemption of sorts. Title seems too obvious.
Oh boy, 8 more months of rampant theory’s and speculations....

rutgersfan2897d ago

Here we go again...why does each ST title begin with “The”? This will only work if Rey’s parentage is retconned

meganick97d ago

A New Hope, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, Return of the Jedi. None of those start with “The”.

HRoach61697d ago

Maybe just referring to the new trilogy
The force awakens
The last Jedi
The rise of Skywalker
I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of this title. But who knows, hopefully it makes more sense later.

lifeistranger97d ago

The trailer was interesting, it looks like Billy D is finally getting his due, but, the title is weak if it's referring to someone like Kylo Ren, as of right now he's the only one revealed to have the Skywalker bloodline. I'm not sure I trust JJ. I'll see it opening night, but, this is going to go two ways: it will be great, or it will be disastrous.

Nodoze97d ago

Huh?? After they pissed all over his legacy in the last film?

guywazeldatatt97d ago

in the trailer luke basically says "it's your fight now" it has to mean Rey is a Skywalker.

Tsuru96d ago

They usually throw confusing curve balls in the trailer, they did that with the last jedi. The skywalker they are talking about could also be Kylo since hes is also a skywalker by blood

guywazeldatatt97d ago

only if Rey isn't a skywalker and they make the term Skywalker "gender-fluid"

Deadpoolio97d ago

They totally should...It would be AMAZING if they did something like that just to piss off the autistic, brain dead, incell, man babies that constantly cry about gender this, and over PC that and women this and SJWs......The only thing worse than SJWs are the autistic, brain dead, incell man babies that constantly cry about every little thing even more so than the SJWs they cry about.....

guywazeldatatt97d ago

Deadpoolio if that happened I would be upset as a SW fan, BUT, I was watching a stream by a "maybe" SW fan who's in politics who was bitching so hard saying that they are making Skywalker "gender-fluid", "everyone can be a skywalker", making all these leaps in logic even though we know NOTHING about Episode IX and we do all but know that Rey's Heritage will be retconned.

I think it would be an epic troll job if they do it. I hate SJWs but I have valid criticisms of TLJ, I don't incessantly bitch, I don't mind if people don't like it, BUT, I hate when people like the guy I'm referencing gives ME a bad name and I'm grouped in with people trying to push THEIR bullshit far-right politics.

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