Hellboy Reboot Has 10% Score On Rotten Tomatoes. But Should You Still Go See It?

Early reviews for the new Hellboy movie are flooding in and, unfortunately, they're really not good. Of course, when it comes to movies, everything is subjective, especially with the superhero genre.

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Jaypi0398d ago

Probably not going to see it honestly, maybe i'll wait for it to go on Netflix in a couple years.

Godmars29098d ago

Nowadays? More like six months if not sooner.

Garethvk98d ago

The staff member we sent said wait for Netflix or DVD. Said the FX were good but there is no story at all.

zodiac90998d ago

Rotten Tomatoes critics are never to be trusted.

BuildTheWall98d ago

These are the same people that acted like Black Panther & Craptain Marvel are the best movies ever made.

tresse98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Never really like the Hellboy series.

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