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AMC Isn't Concerned At All By Declining Walking Dead Ratings

WGTC: "AMC president Sara Barnett is unconcerned with The Walking Dead's falling ratings and remains committed to expanding the franchise."

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blackblades969d ago

I was one of the ones that stopped watching but my mom still watches it. Its like the same sh!t, new human enemy, main cast dies over and over again. Then also they killed off the wrong characters that actually survived in the comics.

Jaypi03969d ago

This last season has actually been VERY fantastic, and this is coming from someone who was tired of the series, also they kill off the "wrong" characters on purpose, to differentiate itself from the comics.

EmperorDalek969d ago

Standards for the series are at an all time low when this last season can be considered fantastic.

Many of these episodes could have taken 5-10 minutes. They're so dragged out, with characters making such stupid decisions still. That second to last episode should have had more build up for the pike scene... there's no way the Whisperers took so many people without raising any alarms. It was 40 minutes of nothing surrounding one of the best scenes in the show, which for me ruined it. So it's not even just being dragged out, they don't even use the excess time well in some cases.

But I can see that many people online do agree with you, so I guess I'm in the minority.

DillyDilly969d ago (Edited 969d ago )

I stopped watching when the season it took the fat guy about 100 times to bash open a lock just for dramatic effect as Zombies were closing in. Also in that same episode Daryl & Rick were in a Motorcycle getting chased down by a car with a turrent on it & they dont get gravely injured or die with no protection on an empty road. Also dont get me started with Negan not getting shot at by a group of 50 + people & surviving & not getting shot on top of it. This episode was it for me

Spartacus10969d ago

I watch it out of curiosity but I wish they binned it so I wouldn't have to bother.

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