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Ten of the Worst Films Ever Released

TBG writes - We’ve complied a list of the worst films ever so you don’t have to watch them. If you have already had the misfortune though we are truly sorry.

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2pacalypsenow1333d ago

How tf is unknowing in that list?

theflamey1333d ago

It's really not a good film

theflamey1333d ago

Also did you mean Knowing?

2pacalypsenow1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

yeah lol.

I mean compared to those other movies it was not that bad, there's def worse movies out there.

The plane scene was nuts.

theflamey1333d ago

it's not as bad as some of the film's agreed

steven83r1333d ago

Not really unwatchable. There is far worse out there. Of course compared to the first releases or the games they aren't going to be as good.

theflamey1333d ago

Thanks, that's the idea 😂

Kribwalker1333d ago

agreed. there’s way worse movies than what’s on that list

badboyz091333d ago

Worst Movie I ever seen

House Of The DEAD

theflamey1333d ago

Oh man, I've seen that it's horrible


It's Unicron...not unicorn.

theflamey1331d ago

Fudge you spell checker