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The Walking Dead Fans Are Furious Another Gay Character's Been Killed Off

WGTC: “The Walking Dead fans were not happy that Tara - one of the show's few prominent gay characters - died in the penultimate episode of season 9.”

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NarooN969d ago

Should gay characters be impervious to death or something? Seems like a silly thing to be outraged by.

thejigisup969d ago

Dood I thought they were immortal, that's why the human race is dying off bc there's no procreation, everyone is gay.

Inzo969d ago

I am just surprised that with the worlds population being decimated and gay people barley making up 1% of it that there was a gay character let alone two or more. Also, who are these "fans" exactly? You quoted about six. You would also think that some "fans" would be glad to see this happen.

Spenok969d ago

No they're not. Zombies don't give a shit about your sexuality, and Gay people don't have a special privilege to exist above non gay people in a show about freaking death...

Get over yourself.

rdgneoz3969d ago

Unless zombies want to get sued and publicly shamed, they're going to have to not eat the lgtbbq until after everyone else is dead.

DarkZane969d ago

Doesn't matter what her sexual orientation was, she has been pretty much useless for several seasons along with all the people who were killed at that time. I am surprised those characters didn't get killed sooner.

Hroach616969d ago

Sexuality aside, she’s been USELESS and annoying as shit pretty much since her introduction on the show.
Bout time I say.

spicelicka969d ago

Lol for real, I stopped watching Walking dead a while back but I remember her bring totally insignificant. They should just kill of every character and just show a world full of walkers trying to get by, they're more interesting than most of these characters.

Hroach616969d ago

I struggled my way through the last season. This season I haven’t watched at all. I’ll prob just watch it all on digital when it releases so I can fast forward past all the nonsense. I think this show has run its course and is just shambling along now. But who knows. Maybe this season is better?

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The story is too old to be commented.