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Dumbo 4DX Experience- ChristCenteredGamer

In both movies, the baby is initially named Jumbo Jr. but is dubbed Dumbo as people make fun of his enormous ears. The defensive mother does not take kindly to her son being ridiculed and gets locked away as she is considered dangerous. Needless to say, the animated version is a little more lighthearted in this regard. Other than death, the live-action movie has some minor language (hell). Surprisingly, both films have alcohol and drunkenness.

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Retroman766d ago

Just came home from watching Dum-Crapo
Dumbo is seen 10 minutes through out the movie.
is not the title call Dumbo?? where were he?
most of the time he's hiding in the dark . this movie was more about Danny Devito character than the main character which is Dumbo.