Prepare To Get The Chills. The Joker Trailer Is Here

Warner Bros. has released the first teaser trailer for director Todd Phillips' Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix. And it's electrifying. Get ready to say hello to an all-new incarnation of DC's Clown Prince of Crime.

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b163o150d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Looks great, I'm excited. IMO its looking like he could challenge Heath, and that's just MyOpinion....

Rai50d ago

The question I ask myself about this movie is if batman will be there...if hes not. what makes him the joker other than the name? He might as well be random crazy murdering clown who calls himself the joker.

mcstorm50d ago

I'm wondering if that we may see batman or something along the lines at the end of the film

kamisama50d ago

He's not batman yet he's young Bruce Wayne the boy behind the gate where the joker is making him smile

mcstorm50d ago

Are yes I saw that the 2nd time I watched it though

kamisama50d ago

Batman was there lol as young Bruce Wayne his dad was also In the movie he's joker's protagonist Bruce Wayne was the boy behind the gate when the joker was making him smile in the comics joker is a lot older then Batman

Mr Pumblechook49d ago

@Rai. You have a name. If you are in a room with your friends and they walk out does that mean your name changes?

Inzo50d ago

This looks too much like a crime drama, as someone said it looks to be inspired by Martin Scorsese. I dont see the fantasy of comic books here which concerns me.

Prince-Ali50d ago

And you saw any comic book fantasy in the Nolan-verse?? :-S

Inzo50d ago

Yes. The Nolan movies you always got the sense that other super villains could exist in that world. This to me just seems like a guy who has gone off the rails. There is also no disfigurement just face paint, in the trailer at least. But this is just a trailer, I might end up loving this movie.

PhantomS4250d ago

Between this and Shazam DC finally has two great movies on their hands. They should just start the DCEU from these two movies and pretend everything else doesn't exist.

Dark_Knightmare250d ago (Edited 50d ago )

If they did that than Wonder Woman and Aquaman wouldnt exist and their both good to great movies

PhantomS4250d ago

Both of those movies were utter garbage, Aquaman slightly less so but still it was very bad but they still both very much had Snyder stink all over them.

mandingo50d ago

How did you not like Wonder Woman?

Inzo49d ago

A premature statement. You dont even if this is going to be a good or not.

PhantomS4249d ago

True but they are promising and Shazam is out today so it will be a few hours till I know. The difference is all the other DC movies looked really bad from the trailers, these look like they will be good.

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