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Kim Possible review - ChristCenteredGamer

Kim Possible is based off of a TV show of the same name, which aired in 2002 and was popular for both boys and girls. The characters are basically the same, and it provides a small amount of backstory as to why Kim is where she is today. The movie then leads the viewer into the main plot of the story, which is attempting to teach the lesson that jealousy can destroy a friendship, and that humility is the way to go.

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TGG_overlord771d ago

A hard pass on that one...

Ninte771d ago

Stick to a cartoon movie next time.

blackblades771d ago

Lame, they literally need to let cartoons stay cartoons. Dora, Kim heard of a gargoyles live action whats NEXT

annoyedgamer770d ago

Id complain about the costume change but this is so bad its not even worth it.