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James Gunn Rehired by Disney to Direct Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Almost a year after James Gunn was fired from directing Guardians of the Galaxy 3, Disney has reinstated him to take the helm of the upcoming installment.

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GGEZ2d ago

kinda funny how forgiving are they of pedophiles but not of people with different politics.

Deadpoolio1d 21h ago

Kinda funny how butt hurt Trumptards are that 10 year old JOKES, no matter how hard the Trumptards pretend they are literally crappy bad taste jokes who came from a guy who started at Troma can actually be forgiven. While the nutso, autistic RACIST Rosanne who literally made CURRENT racist statements, and continues making racist statements can't get a job because NOBODY wants to hire a stupid, ignorant, racist..NO those weren't ambient tweets, NO she wasn't drunk at 11am and IF she was thats a whole other issue....

Funny how the same Trumptards cry about conservatives not getting work, yet last I checked DISNEY is responsible for 99.9% of Tim Allen's career considering they gave him a tv show for a decade, put him in 3 Toy Story films front and center on top of making countless films like Jungle to Jungle, The Shaggy Dog, etc oh and lets also not forget Galaxy Quest.......

Sorry little boy NOBODY cares about different politics except Trumptards who can't EVER have a conversation about anything without having to bring up politics 2 seconds into anything, out of fear that people are making fun of the autistic fuhrer.....Retard racist Rosanne Bar the autistic nutjob couldn't even get her facts straight in her racist rant since Valarie Jarett didn't even write the deal she was going on about in her racist rant...Only morons believe she was joking....

annoyedgamer2d ago

They should rehire everyone else that was unfairly fired as well...

Deadpoolio1d 21h ago

Nah autistic retard racist Roseanne Barr is dumb as a bag of hammers and can continue her unemployment...Sorry thats what happens when you decide to go on a racist rant publicly on twitter.....Besides why is that vapid waste of space even still here, she said like 2 years ago she was moving to Israel.....Crappy 10 year old jokes do not equate to the same thing as an ignorant, uninformed INCORRECT racist rant.....Obviously even someone with a brain told her she was wrong since she has changed her story on Valarie Jarett several times now, since that woman didn't even have anything to do with the Iran deal the racist moron was going on about.....

kalkano1d 19h ago

People like you, applying the rules to one side, but not the other, is exactly what's leading us to Civil War.

boing11d 18h ago

Wise decision. Everyone makes mistakes.

1d 18h ago
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