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Clark Gregg is Wrong About Captain Marvel "Haters"

Clark Gregg is Wrong About Captain Marvel Haters - Clark Gregg is pushing the ridiculous narrative that men hate Captain Marvel because she's female.

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guywazeldatatt991d ago

Brie Larson is cancer. I think the film will have a MAJOR dropoff next week. It's a mediocre Marvel film. But this misrepresentation of facts is EXACTLY what we saw with The Last Jedi. You don't like the film, you're a bigot who hates women. What a joke. I've lost all respect for Clark.

emiyaxtousaka991d ago

I saw it. It was OK, but really nothing to write home about. Captain Marvel just isn't an interesting character. CM is no Wonder Woman.

Army_of_Darkness991d ago

The hate towards this movie has nothing to do with gender. It has everything to do with the fact that this movie was boring as fukk. A Waste of $40.......

Hroach616991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

But you watched it and gave it your money.
Why is she “cancer”? I saw the same comments she made. She wasn’t hating on white men. She didn’t cancel any already set up interviews with men. She just made sure there was better representation of women and women of color and with disabilities in her future ones. That’s her perogative. It’s not like there isn’t enough men doing the job already. I really don’t understand the hate. I really don’t. By all accounts she’s a pretty nice chick.

As for the movie. Pretty meh. It’s fine. I thought it was entertaining. But it’s just fine. It feels like a phase 1 set up movie to me. The only thing I didn’t care for was the Nick Fury “eye” moment. No spoilers. I thought that was straight shite. The rest of the movie was a little marvel cookie cutter but there wasn’t anything wrong with it. Marvels just had some great great films in a row and this didn’t stand up. Doesn’t mean it’s bad.

(The last Jedi was garbage though I’ll give you that)

TheSuperiorGamer991d ago

What's worse are the media outlets perpetuating these false narratives and giving them the appearance of validity. people are not having it though. we're in for an interesting next few years.

darthv72991d ago

Havent seen this one but my kids have. Personally I am excited to see the 'real' Captain Marvel movie... Shazam.

This just seems like a female version of Green Lantern.

Wolffenblitz991d ago

DC movies are mostly bad tho. Minus Dark Knight and earlier Batman movies.

Dark_Knightmare2991d ago

Except Wonder Woman and Aquaman wer huge hits that people loved and early buzz for Shazam is that’s its great

Chaos-Dad991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

Brie Larson is a Racist (White) and Sexist (Men)... Thats why i boycott the Movie. Call me Hater.

W34KN35S991d ago

if im honest i enjoyed captain marvel way more than wonder woman and the last jedi , last jedi was crap because of the agenda and wonder woman was a decent movie that was i feel was overhyped because she is female , just like how black panther was overhyped because he is black , i say that as a black man. Captain Marvel was similar to wonder woman but captain marvel had way more action , whereas wonder women i feel focused more on dialogue which is the opposite of what im looking for in a superhero movie.The movie is fine and brie lawson is fine in my opinion , people are just being super judgemental because this is the first origin film we have had for awhile and we are coming off the greatness that was infinity war, civil war, ragnarok and as far as comedy ant man and wasp.

Dark_Knightmare2991d ago

lol no Captain Marvel was nowhere near as good as Wonder Woman and it’s cute how you say Wonder Woman was overhyped because it stars a female hero yet with Captain Marvel it’s different smh

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