American Gods Season 2 Review - A Godly Mess - The Koalition

Dana Abercrombie from The Koalition writes:

"While one can argue the philosophical relationship between a God and questionable believer, season two isn’t that deep. Instead of being treated to insightful conversations, struggles with faith or even the second coming of the Clash of the Titans, we have endless car rides, which one could argue is a metaphor for the direction of the show; traveling in circles without any direction or intent. I could feel my spirit deflate faster Kirsten Chenowich running out the door. Gone is the lush Gaiman’s American Gods, here lies regret."

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rbailey133d ago

Definitely planning on checking out this show despite the backlash.

ControllerBreaker133d ago

Pretty stupid program after watching the first season which I still liked but 1 season was enough. These "gods" exist simply because someone invented them and believes in them. People stop believing they no longer exist.So you have the god of internet, social media etc lol. Stupid really.