Mark Hamill Still Hates The Last Jedi (So Do We)

Mark Hamill Still Hates The Last Jedi - Mark Hamill has expressed his disdain for how Luke Skywalker was handled in The Last Jedi

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guywazeldatatt227d ago

Hopefully it's true and they bring George back to fix this mess. It's a travesty.

rutgersfan28227d ago

I don't see it happening. They ruined Luke and he's dead. there's no fixing that.

GGEZ227d ago

Not just Luke. They ruined all of the Jedi lore too by making it seem like a cult of lunatics and Holy Mary Rey is the only one that has the means to fix everything because she was chosen by the force itself to do so. The movie's intention was to make people disregard all of the old lore because is wrong and only focus in the new stuff. They messed it up way too much to start backtracking now.

The_Sage227d ago

Lucas?.. Let's not forget he made the terrible prequels.

guywazeldatatt227d ago

You can't do worse than what Rian Johnson did to the last jedi.

227d ago
Deadpoolio227d ago

Yeah ummmm NO....The prequels are anything but terrible....Do they have issues YES...They are far from perfect but they are a hell of alot better than ALL of the Star Wars films Disney has put out....Atleast Lucas actually cares about the universe he created, not just how much money can he milk out of movies before people stop going....

Batnut00226d ago

Once again, you prefer to twist the words to suit your agenda. Mark being disappointed in Luke's direction is not the same thing as hating TLJ and has gone back to call TLJ one of the "All-Time greats" not that it really matters to you. Also fuck off with this bringing George back-nonsense. He sold Lucasfilm because of spiteful little shits like you who ragged on him for years after the prequels, why on earth would he want to come back?

lifeistranger227d ago

too much SJW bullshit. JJ better not pull that or I'm done with Star Wars. I'll keep my 20th century box set of the TRUE saga.

Nodoze227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

It was absolutely AWFUL. Look the prequels have their issues, however they did not decimate and DESTROY the legacy of beloved and iconic characters from the original trilogy. Rian Johnson must be a long time Trek fan and hater. The fact that they are handing him a trilogy defies belief. It will be filled with virtue signaling, token characters, ridiculous female above all else policies. I still stand behind Rogue One as the best thing to come out of Lucasfilm since the sale. It too has issues, but it is still light years better than the core Force Awakens, and Last Jedi.

Frankly, I wish Hamill would have declined after reading the script. I get that he wanted to get paid, and is not as fortunate as Harrison Ford (who hates Star Wars), but man they decimated his legacy.

I would have requested a meeting with Rian. Before the meeting I would drink a half gallon of water. To start the meeting would take my copy of the script, place it in front of Rian, stand on the desk and then I would piss on the script right in front of him. Here is what I think of your work. Oh and by the way, I quit. Good luck with your rewrites before the December deadline.

darren_poolies227d ago

Don't worry, that Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy will never happen.

warriorcase226d ago

Didn't they announce just a few weeks back that it was going ahead still? Hope not..

franwex226d ago

I’m not a big Star Wars fan, but I’ve seen the films and they’ve been enjoyable for the most part.

This movie was garbage though!! The shoe horned humor was completely out of place and it made me cringe-badly. I cannot believe no one in a production as big as this spoke up. Not a single producer mentioned anything? It seems the only one who actually cared about the entire people involved is Mark. How is this even possible?

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