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Is Jussie Smollett’s Empire In Trouble? – MovieCast #13 - The Koalition

On this week’s edition of MovieCast, Entertainment Editor Dana Abercrombie and Editor-In-Chief Richard Bailey Jr. share their thoughts on the ongoing drama involving Empire TV Star Jussie Smollett. Did he stage his own attack and what could happen to his career if he did? We dive into that topic and more including the following topics:

New TV Show Adaptations
Movie News
Frozen 2 Trailer Reaction
Box Office Report
Fast Color Spoiler Free Review
Happy Death Day 2 U Spoiler Free Review
and more

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rbailey1014d ago

The whole Jussie Smollett situation is absolutely ridiculous and will definitely have repercussions on not just his career but the show he is on now.

InTheZoneAC1014d ago

Race war pushers should face the death penalty tbh. They are promoting terrorist acts and think it's ok to do so. Now we have widespread cancerous media and followers being reeled in like the sheep they are pushing the same agenda.

S2Killinit1012d ago

This guy did this for the publicity. He should be ashamed of himself really. By doing this he has essentially shed a shadow over people with actual true stories. Nice going man you deserve to lose your job for trying deceive people.

No_Pantaloons1012d ago

There is no question they are already writing his character out of the show, and rightfully so. His acting career is essentially over, but he has no one to blame but himself.