Michael B. Jordan Wants To Be A Very “Different” Superman

Those who were quick to grab their pitchforks and were ready to start a war over rumours that Michael B. Jordan would be cast as the new Superman can rest peacefully tonight.

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Inzo149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

"Jordan, who admits that he is a “comic book guy”, agrees that he probably shouldn’t mess up people’s perceptions about who Clark Kent is."

This coming from a guy who played a black Johnny Storm. Whats wrong with playing Steel?

ControllerBreaker149d ago

Racism against whites is alive n well. How about they create a new character for a black actor. This cultural stealing and purposefully wiping out any white characters that are seen to be powerful.

Dynisty149d ago

Guessing you didn't read the article. He wants to be Calvin Ellis. Not Clark Kent.

annoyedgamer149d ago

That probably won't matter. The Hollywood and the media will market him as the next Superman and fire up the race card cannons full blast anyways.

jaymacx149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Personally I don’t like when they change any character’s appearance so much that it tramples on the original for political reasons. One big problem is that people judge things by appearance and put people in categories based on skin color. The politically charged reasons they change characters skin color/ethnicity is wrong. Make good characters and if you want diversity make more original characters. Simple

FalconofLucis98149d ago

Black Superman LOL whats next the White Panther? Ooh imagine the backlash

Nodoze149d ago


Nodoze149d ago

Cultural appropriation is almost complete. All white male characters must be abolished. Xmen - FAIL, Ghostbusters - FAIL, and now we have Superman. Let me predict how this will play out. FAIL.

m2stech149d ago (Edited 149d ago ) I want to see a white Caucasian Black panther, Luke Cage, Cyborg, Black Lightning and Storm.

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